Fuding Silver Needle

  • Notes of vanilla, apricots and sweet cream.


    Fuding, Fujian province, China.


    Composed purely of top grade young tea buds our Silver Needle (Bai Hao Yin Zhen) is the most prized of white teas, hailing from Fuding where still to this day the best white teas are found. It brews a glittering pale yellow infusion with a delicate, fresh, sweet and light flavour and fragrance.


    Per cup: 2 tsp  80°C  3 minutes

    Can be infused multiple times.

    40 brews per pack | £0.40 per brew

  • Our Premium Fuding Silver Needle tea is harvested in the third week of March. Each down-covered leaf bud was hand-picked by skilled workers from a high elevation grove of Da Bai tea trees in the beautiful mountains of Fuding County, Fujian, China.

    After the picking process, which last for 10 days, the buds are scattered on bamboo trays and slowly wilted with constant airflow over 30 hours. This particular part in the process, known as "fading", is unique to white tea crafting. Essentially it allows for mild enzymatic oxidation to occur in the leaf buds resulting in a tea that is more floral, rounder and creamier than green teas, with fruit instead vegetal notes. After fading, the processing is kept to a minimum - as is typical with white teas, with a final six minute bake to finish the tea.

    Our Silver Needle has been chosen specifically from Fuding county as the quality of production from this area sets it apart from other white teas on the market. Fuding County produces white teas that are floral and sweet, having leaf buds that are generally no longer than 1.5 centimeters in length (larger buds may indicate that they come from Yunnan, which produces a lower grade of white tea.) We’re also especially careful in our selection, looking only for consistently sized closed leaf buds to ensure that the tea has a rounder mouth-feel.

    The end result is an irresistibly light and sweet tea, that is also markedly viscous and well balanced. Traditional craftsmanship further highlights the natural floral notes of the tea, enhancing the rose and nectarine aroma of the young leaf buds, whilst adding a richer base of sweet cream.

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