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How to make the perfect bed

How to make the perfect bed

Making A bed has been proven to be the starting point of having a productive day. Many experts have written about this topic but they never mention the benefits. It is not just about making a bed, it's also the feeling of satisfaction that awaits you when you open up your covers and get into those sheets. A perfect way for starting off your day right! 

Making the perfect bed is also part of having control over the things in your day that you can determine. There are many factors in a day that we cannot control but having control over the smaller things will give you control over the rest. It will give you a sense of determination and motivation. 

So where do we start? If you are a married man you will know that just having a duvet and two pillows is not the final say to making the bed, however there are many things that come into not just throwing the decorative pillows over an unfluffed pillow to walk away that breaks the perfect turn down at the end of the day.

Eight step process:

Why is fluffing, shaking and tucking important?

We mentioned fluffing up your pillows, this is important to get the insert of the pillow to get air and loosen up to enable it to last longer. But this will also straighten out the pillow case. A very important element to having a crisp bed when you have slept on your pillow every night. 

Shaking the duvet and not just pulling it up from will also give air to the mattress and the sheet but also to the insert of the duvet and keep it fluffy and correctly inserted. This will also give you the chance to make sure your duvet cover is still on correctly and will force you to check the sheet. We all know that some busy sleeping movements can shift the sheet and in the worst case pull it off the corners. 

Once you have fluffed and shaken out all the elements of the bed you sleep with make sure to make the bed that looks neat and crisp. Tuck away unwanted overhang and make sure the pillows are straight and aligned. Then you can get on with the decorative elements like pillows and throws.

A good base is to not cover more than one third of the top of the bed and one third of the bottom with decorative elements. And if you choose to have patterned covers then eliminate those in totality as your bed will seem busy and unwelcoming for you in the evening.

Final takeaway

Just being able to say that you know how to make the perfect bed is something few get right. You will be empowered to start your day. Enjoy the pure satisfaction of being able to get into your bed at night knowing that you have accomplished goals.

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