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Best Homely gifts for the Holidays

Best Homely gifts for the Holidays

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your parents, grandparents, or a friend who is difficult to shop for? We've compiled a list of four home décor gifts that are sure to please any recipient. The best part is that all of these items can be purchased online from Téaura Boutique which means they're easy to ship and you get free delivery anywhere in Europe. The hardest part about shopping has been solved! 

Happy holidays!🎄

Here are the 4 Best Homely gifts for the Holidays!

1. Light colour bed linen

Now it wouldn't be fair on us if we decided not to share the trending colour in bed linen for the festive season. This is the perfect option if you are unsure about personal taste in your loved ones' Décor choices. However with a soft feel and glamorous look this is the perfect gift. Your loves ones will know you spent time looking for the perfect neutral addition to their linen set. A bonus is that they will thank you for the savings on their heating and cooling costs with this one as the Linen keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. It's a WIN WIN!

2. Moss Green bed linen

Now if you know that your loved ones are bold in their colour choices then the top of the range Moss Green Bed Linen set is the perfect way to complete that gift selection for them! 😚

All the best is in this Linen set! The sheet, the cover, the pillow cases! I mean HELLO who isn't into getting a complete set like this as a gift! It’s on our wish list (Hint hint mom! 😏). Again here you are going to be thanked for the savings after this gift for time to come…. 

3. Gaam Blanket

Feeling cold and having to use a blanket that is harsh on the skin in the worst experience ever. So you can spoil your loved one with a Gaam Blanket. Super soft and the perfect cuddle size this is the must have for Netflix nights in. 

Any homebody will be grateful for this super addition to their nights at home 🙌. Let’s face it, every time they cuddle up you will be on their mind! CUTE. I can’t wait to see all the responses from this stunning gift!

4. Gift Voucher

Now you are so unsure and really left with the last resort. SOCKS! Please do everyone a favour this year, it’s been tough! We want this Christmas to really be about spoiling everyone. So why not purchase a Gift Voucher. This is a safe option, and sure will be a good one if you are unsure about the perfect gift. Also when they shop online, you know they will be thinking about you. Also this means you are bound to get invited again for the final show! 😇 LIKE YES PLEASE, we have been separated for too long, come have a visit! 

If you’ve been wracking your brain trying to find the perfect gift for someone this holiday season, fear not. Téaura Boutique has something for everyone on their wish list. With our Natural Light Linen Set or Moss Green Linen Set they can finally get rid of that old worn out bedspread and be draped in luxury every night when they go to sleep with one of these sets. Even if they already have a new bedspread, we know how much people love receiving gifts so why not give them an option? Our Gaam Blanket is also great because it doesn't only provide warmth but style too! Plus don’t forget about our Gift Vouchers - it's always nice knowing there is the option for your loved ones to make the decision themselves. 

Let us know in the comments what your favourite is from the  list above! 

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