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5 Reasons to switch to 100% Pure Linen Bedding

5 Reasons to switch to 100% Pure Linen Bedding

The first step to a better night's sleep is Pure Linen Bedding by Téaura Boutique. It has been proven time and time again to be the best investment you'll ever make for your bedroom. Offering all-season comfort this blog post will cover 5 reasons why Pure Linen Bedding is the best investment you'll ever make!

1: Better for the Environment

Pure Linen is better for the environment.  Linen that is created sustainably, meaning creation has no negative impact on the environment. Unlike chemical-laced cotton and synthetic fabrics which damage soil quality, and pollute water sources, Pure linen is a great opportunity to lower your eco-footprint. Investing in a durable product will lower your spending in the long run. Having a 100% Pure Linen Bedding means that you are not only investing in a sustainable product but also lowering your home eco-footprint. Saving on heating costs and cooling costs are just the added benefit of having good Bedding.

2: All season Comfort

We have already touched on the benefits of 100% Pure Linen Bedding lowering your eco-footprint at home. But how does it work?  Pure Linen Bedding saves you money by reducing your heating and cooling bills. In winter Pure Linens' natural weave allows heat to be trapped close to your body helping keep you warm at night without having to leave your heater on overnight burning electricity costing unnecessary money! Similarly during summertime due to its breathability, it keeps you cool even when temperatures are high outside allowing you to stay cool during the warmer season. The choice to invest in 100% Pure Linen Bedding is just looking more and more pleasing, isn't it?

Light Linen for a 5 star hotel look at home

3: Make your Bedroom a 5 Star escape

There is nothing like feeling soft materials on your skin. That absolute luxurious sensation of crisp fresh Bedding at night has this trigger we all crave when we climb into bed. Ever wonder why 5 Star Hotels have this sensation? Well, one thing they count on is having premium Linen. Being able to say that you will have the best night's rest or just feel like royalty in your room are some of the best selling points of 5 star hotels. But what if we told you that with Téaura Boutique, you can do the same at home? You can!

By getting the best linen this sensation can become an every night thing for you. Choosing 100% Pure Linen Bedding is the start to having that 5 star feel. Further, the natural materials to finish off the Linen are also environmentally friendly. These types of small details give the Bedding a glamorous finish, look and feel. Make your bedroom look like a 5 Star hotel room. An easy escape after a hard day.

4: Natural Colours

In all-natural colours it's the perfect to match any bedroom décor. Whether it's colour sets like our Rustic Fall Collection or The Hygge Collection these natural colour palettes are perfect to match any room or décor style allowing you to relax in your own serene space. These neutral colours are beneficial in benefitting your sleep. Being less distracted allows for your brain to calmly reduce activity. This means you will be able to fall asleep faster and have deeper, better well-rested sleep.

Light Linen Bedding

5: Improved Wellbeing

Well-being has become more and more important over the last 2 years as people adjust to new lifestyles. You have probably thought about better lifestyle choices and how you can improve your well-being. It's about enjoying the things you have in your home to create an escape and rejuvenate. It's about looking after your sleeping patterns and how you wind down after a busy day. This is not just on how your brain starts shutting down but also on how your body reacts to the environment around you.

Pure Linen Bedding is the best investment to a better environment at home that is relaxing and calming.

So what is stopping you from making the change? Shop Online on Téaura Boutique and get Free Delivery

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